Monday, March 2, 2015

We R Destined. Short story

All my life I have been able to see ghost.
Little kids had imaginary friends, I did too except mine were real,they were ghost.
When I first reslized my friends weren't make believe was the time when my little friend Cindy asked me to tell her mommy and daddy she is under mr. Jacks porch she wanted them to know she can't breath he made her fall asleep and now she can't wake up. I ran home as fast as I could,ran into the house crying and yelling for my mom. She asked what was wrong,I told her. She hugged me and sat me down and told me what my family and I could do we were gifted with powers to help those who couldn't help them selfs or some who needed closure and Cindy needed that. Mommy whisper something then she too saw Cindy and told Cindy all would be well.
My mother also told me as I grew up my gifts would get stronger and I alone would be stronger then any of us she told me that my father told her that before he left that night so long ago. I told her I didn't have a father ,he was dead to me and left it at that. 
I wish I stayed to listen to her my mother died twoonths ago and now it is just my brother and I.  
Michael asked me if we should call dad I told him he knew and if he cared he would of been here. He then looked at me ,gave me a hug and said "it's ok Mia ,I saw this and we r gonna be fine , we have eachother and most of a our house ,
Our house keeps us safe and Gigi a.k.a our house is more powerful then you or I .
I knew that was true but didn't tell him and I did agree Gigi would indeed keep evil out . You see our house is alive..... be continued.....

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  1. Love this entire page but the dark gray words are unreadable against the black background..