Saturday, February 28, 2015

Live each day like it's your last and enjoy

Waking up from the coma and scared out of my mind. And the only thing I could remeber was the dream I was having while I was in the coma. It was so scary. I rembrr running my words could come out.   But in my mind I was yelling for my daughter , mm and my sons.  I could find them and I was scared. When I did I still couldn't get the words to come out and I was tied to my bed. Looking into my daughter eyes I pleaded for her to hear me, there was more to the dream I won't talk about. But before I woke up and I believe this part was real. My mother was there and she looked amazing. She didn't look sick and I didn't want to leave her she looked into my eyes and said I needed to go back my kids needed me. I would see her again and she told me she is always watching  then I woke up and the next month o had to learn to walk again and breath better I a trech in my throat it was a long two months not just for me but for my family bfor my daughter who never left my side for my dad who stayed with the kids the whole time and for my boys especially ethan  who tried to help and did a amazing job.  I love you guys. So to all of you. Live each day as if it was your last. Love your family and most of all your self and finnally thank god every day for watching over us. 

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