Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Destined to be

Part 1.  

The voices were getting louder each day I would beg the voices to leave me be.  But all I got was one word and that was "help".  Since I was a little girl I always heard the voices. As I got older. Not only could I hear the voice but could see the body too . Them one day a little girl came up me and asked me to talk to her mom. I then asked the little girl who had been killed a year earlier while out with family 
What it was she wanted me to tell her mom.  The little spirit looked me in the eyes and said " tell my mommy she's got to live , live for papa and most of all she's got to live for my baby sister, tell her I am ok I don't blame her or papa tell her  with gramma and the roses. Make sure you mention the roses and after telling the mother and holding her whi she cried 
The spirit then said I can go now she then placed a rose in my hand and was gone. 

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