Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A new beginning....

Losing my mother was the second worse day of my life. Seeing my father for the first time in ten years standing there waiting for me to say something but all I could do was look at his hand as he held the little girls hand in his. The girl who looked like mini me. I then looked into his eyes. And said " I hope you don't expect me to stay, especially now and I'm sure you know of my special gifts considered. There from your DNa" wiping the tearsHi hello everyone. My name is Jennifer and this is my blog. Sorry I've ignored it for so long, I'm back and I've decided to change my blog a little. I hope you like it. 
 There will be stories I write, maybe a tease here or there.  
Book recommendation.  And  book reviews. I also decided to add thought of the day from my journal. 
Last year I almost died. This year I'm coming back little stronger every day 

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