Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sudden Change

              Looking out my window, wishing he would hurry home and knowing
that would never happen because deep inside i knew he would never come home again.
I kept hoping this was all just a bad dream and I would wake up and he would be home.
sighing i then turned around and walked to my bedroom to get ready for bed, our bed
knowing i would never ever be held by him again made my heart break even more.
why oh why did he do what he did.
I flashed back to the day I got the call, the call that told me that my husband was dead
and he was never coming home again.
comming back to the present i wiped the tear from my face then got mad at my self for crying, i made a promise that i would never cry again and here i am crying.
rate then I knew i had to get out of this house and go, where i didnt know, I just had to go.

all of a sudden the pain in my head was getting worse, the visons were getting worse,
my name is jodie  macks and i am a pyshic and i  hate it with all my heart, why did god give me this gift i couldnt save my husband , i should of been able to save my husband, i should of known he was going to die that is i should of know he was going to kill himself.

about twenty minutes ago i made this up not sure if its going to become astory or not!!!!!!

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