Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teaser from Destined To Be!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Chapter 1
Walking with my dog, on the path way back to my home, I suddenly felt like I was being watched, it wasn’t a creepy feeling; it was a feeling of calmness. Something I never felt before.
Looking down at my dog, I then gave her a pat on the head and said “you are such a good girl, yes you are, you ready to go home lady?”
She then wagged her tail and gave me a bark that said, you bet ma, “ok lady lets go” I said to her.
As we were getting closer the feeling I got earlier started to change, it started to get stronger, like whoever was watching me was closer.
I then looked at lady; she too could sense someone was near, “you sense it to don’t ya girl, it’s a good feeling, relax lady let’s find out what they want” I said to her.
As we got closer the feeling got even stronger, it was not just a feeling anymore it was so much more, I felt like I was on fire my insides were tingling with desire.
Frozen on the very spot I stood, I couldn’t move any farther, I didn’t know who he was, I did know what he was, he was my destined and I was his.
It felt like I was frozen for hours, but in reality it was just a few seconds, what got me out of my frozen posture was my dog licking my hand.
Looking down at her, I gave her a smile then patted her head letting her know I was grateful she was there for me; I then pulled a treat out of my pocket which I always had when we went for out walks.
As I started to walk, I remembered something my mother said to me one day when I was a little girl “momma when I find my destined, will I know he is my destined?” momma looked at me and smile then she said, “oh honey you will know the minute he is near, he will help you in so many ways he will be your other half and complete you.
Like your daddy completes me” giving me I hug she then said “when that happens your life will be different your gifts will advance and he will be there to help you all the way the second you look into his eyes and he looks into yours my sweet little girl, that’s when you know he is yours and you are his”
Coming out of that memory I had to smile, my momma rocked, she always knew how to help me. Deciding that I best get this over with
I looked down at my dog, gave her a smile, then a nod and we then proceeded to walk home and see our future.
The minute I arrived in the area with my sister I knew my life was going to change, looking at my sister I knew she was wiped out,
“I know baby girl, you’re really tired and need a nap, and we can rest soon
We are almost where we are supposed to be” I said to my sister.
My sister then looked up at me gave me the cutest smile she could give and said “its ok jackswan” she then placed her hands on my cheeks and said “she is here jackswan, it’s going to be ok”
Not understanding what she was saying, I always knew my sister had the sight and she knew when things were going to happen, like the day our parents died she knew it was going to happen she cried and cried and I couldn’t understand what was wrong till I got the phone call that our parents were dead.
              YOUR INPUT WOULD BE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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