Thursday, March 7, 2013


I never thought getting review's for your book would be so nerve racking, boy was i wrong.
So far i have recieved 11 reviews for my book, out of the 11 reviews, one of them was really harsh, I am not sure why she wrote what she wrote, maybe she thought she was helping, but she really isn't.

The past few days, i have been wondering is this even worth writing more and why when  a review is giving the book to read  does he or she have to be so cold about it when leaving the review.
If you dont like the book or there is editing issues why do you have to be so harsh when leaving the review
are you trying to make that author not want to write anymore or are you trying to make them cry.
the other day a face book friend pointed out  something and that was if the reviewer has issues she should email or pm the author not degrade her in the review you write.

I for one will not give up, I am new to the writing world and i kind of like it alot, heck i love it and one review will not make want to stop.
yea  the review hurt, did it help me like that review said she was trying to do?
hell no  
on a good note the other 10 reviews  are great.

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  1. All I read was your not giving up WHICH IS ALL I CARE ABOUT!!!!
    Hang in there sweetie!