Friday, February 8, 2013


Why can’t I open my eyes?  No matter how hard I try they won’t open.
What is wrong with me and where the heck am I?
Hearing the door open Mia then herd two people talking she didn’t even try
To call out because she knew they wouldn’t be able to hear her.
“She will wake up soon Lucas and when she does she will need you, till then you must leave
It is not time for her to remember yet she will once she wakes up that is when she will need you.
You must leave now.” The voice said to the other
Feeling lips on her cheeks she wanted to tell him not to leave who was he and why did his touch seem so familiar…
“I will see you soon Mia, remember our promise ok I will never leave your side” she heard the sexy voice said to her.
Then they were gone.
                                                    Chapter 1
Two weeks later…………
Taking her granddaughters hand , she then placed her hand on Mia’s face and a said, “time to wake up Mia your grandfather and I  need you , your silly grandfather keeps stealing all of my chocolates and hiding them, he says I can’t have them back till you come back to us” Maria said to her granddaughter.
Hoping she would wake up soon Maria continued to tell Mia about what has been happening at home while she has been asleep.
Mia knew she would be waking soon she heard the voices in the room before they said she would be waking up soon.
I feel so alone I don’t remember how I got here and all I can think about is that voice he said he would see me soon and I would remember him when we touched.
“I’ll be back later Mia, I love you my sweet granddaughter” Maria said to her then kissed her cheek and then she was gone.
I need to wake up  my grandmother and grandfather need me  I also need to know how I got here and it is freaking driving me crazy because I can’t remember how I got here.
Yes I am talking to my self since no one else can hear me because I am in a coma ugh.
Hearing the door open she knew someone else was in the room she knew it was him the sexy voice

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