Tuesday, February 12, 2013

memos from the storm

As you all know i live on the cape, and due to the terrible storm, we all had to deal with, most of the cape lost there power.
we were with out heat,so i took my children and my dog.
yes poeple i took my dog if she couldnt go then the kids and i were staying home with her.
i took them to  a shelter at the kids highschool that  offered shelter for your  pets also and may i just say  they were awesome to her ,
all the poeple there were trained just for that to take care of the animals, i cant find the flyer i recieved but when i do i will personally look up there web site and thank them for a wonderful job they did caring for our dog.
i was so nervous all night thinking she was scared and they said she did fine , i was the one that was a mess.
well we ending up staying in the shelter saturday night and most of the day on sunday, we couldnt take it anymore  on sunday, the kids and i decided  we were going home and waiting for the power to come on.
we arrived on on sunday around 3 pm  and thanks to the awesome  poeple at nstar who worked there butts off our power came back on at 330 pm .
we still had to internet and cable til monday afternoon, but we were home and warm and in our own beds that was the imprtant thing , still had withdrawls from cable and internet not gonna lie lol
my learning experince from all of this was  we take electricty , power for granted and  when the weather gets warmer i am going to get out more .
thanks for listening to me babble 
ill be posting my book reccomendation soon 
jennifer blaney leblanc

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